Let your customer’s see that you area real business with real business devices

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Which should represent your business?

We offer real business solutions for real businesses.

  • Want to look professional, not like a business run from your living room?
  • Need more than just a basic tablet or smart phone?
  • Need something to withstand harsh environment like desert summers or arctic winters?
  • Looking for RFID or Barcode scanning?
  • Want a pistol grip for easy scanning?

We work with you to make sure that match the right hardware for your needs. That is just the beginning.

You know that hassle when a new device arrives? It has to be configured and the software installed, then configured. 

We eliminate that head ache.

We setup and configure the device for you. We install the software and configure it for your business. So when you receive it, it is ready to use. 

Can I afford one?

Your probably thinking these are too expensive. Well you might be surprised to learn that for about the same price as the most popular Samsung or iPhone devices you can get a military grade rugged device that offers accessories like pistol grips and barcode scanners. These professional devices even allow you to replace the battery, a feature iPhone and Samsung no longer offer.

So YES, you can afford it.

Contact us today and have one of our helpful staff match your business needs with the right device.

Call (847) 348-1404 or email sales@LongwellTech.com