Important Website Considerations

How do your prospects and customers use your website? It’s a simple question, but a question many small-business owners neglect to inquire about when working on their site. Often, small businesses are so fixated on their own technology and not the tools of their customers that they forget that there are many ways to view a website. From iPads and windows mobile, Android and Blackberry smartphones to jumbo screens and laptops, how does your message look to your prospects and customer everyday?

How much traffic do I get?  Where does it come from?
If you have a website, you should also have some type of analytic software on your website. This should do more than just measure the amount of traffic to your website, it should also have the ability to review browser information. This means it reports on browsers and operating systems your prospects and customers use and what screen sizes they have set. This can help you decide if it is time to deliver content in different ways.  In addition, tools like can also report on how they found your website, what pages they visited and how long they were on each page.  These are important website considerations.

What Should be Considered for the Mobile Web Viewer?
Another important website consideration is when your website is viewed on a smartphone, how does it look? Here are two things to keep in mind when thinking about your website. The first is that image-heavy sites take longer to load on cell phones. The second is that Flash animation can’t be viewed on all phones. However, you don’t have to sacrifice these features on your full-size website if that is where most of your customers are coming from. You may want to create an secondary style for your mobile audience.  There are two approaches that you may want look into:
  1. Create a style for the mobile web browser; of which there are many,
  2. Or create a style for the screen size of the mobile audience.

The way this works is that your developer can program your website to identify the device’s browser or screen size and return the style for the phone. If you have a number of visitors who access your website from their phones, you should add this feature to your website.  Remember the analytic software should help you know what your visitor is viewing the site on.

Take your website to to the next level and create styles and interactive areas that will show your prospects and customers you want to work with them.

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