Windows Mobile on-screen keyboards

I have been doing a little testing of Trakker Lite on withvarious HP Windows Mobile handhelds.  As I was working on them I quickly noticed that data entry can be kind of tricky on it because there is no keyboard at all on these windows mobile devices.  Many of the Motorola and Datalogic windows mobile devices we usually use have keyboards.  The HP devices however have a larger screen, but no physical keyboard.  As a result data entry can be a bit trickier.  So I went looking for some other software/on-screen keyboard options.

Well there are several Apps that can be added onto the Pocket PC/windows mobile to give it a better on-screen keyboard experience.   It’s kind of like the IPhone soft keyboard.  After using looking at a few I actually found that some could be useful with say the Motorola MC70 or MC55 with the numeric keyboard for easier data entry when entering text information, rather then numeric.  So here are a list a of a two of the keyboards I found to work rather well. (I have used this one on my personal palm treo pro windows mobile device.  It is a free application and seems pretty good) (This one works with gestures and has a full screen mode.  It costs $14.95)

So give them a try and let us know what you think of them on your windows mobile 5, 6, or 6.5 device.

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