How to Choose Your HVAC Software

Are you considering an utilizing HVAC software for your HVAC company?  Well HVAC software is a very important tool for HVAC companies. You need to find a system that helps coordinate your customers’ needs while maximizing your ability to complete tasks, customer visits, while lowing costs and increasing your overall revenue.  Here are some important things to consider when evaluating HVAC software

Things to consider in HVAC Software

  1. Choose HVAC service software which combines robust mobile solutions such as remote dispatch, invoicing, and communication with integration with mobile email and PDA support.
  2. Consider your accounting practices. You willl want to choose HVAC software that integrates with your existing accounting software.
  3. Ensure your HVAC software provider has quality support systems enabled and can be contacted whenever you are working. Support in person, over the phone, web and email is certainly better than over just email alone.
  4. You should consider HVAC service software that can be customized to your unique heating, vent, & AC business. You will want pricing and service customization capabilities as well as the ability to tailor it to your company brand and better still if it can be customized to any unique processes your company may have.
  5. Identify your needs to search historical HVAC jobs for work done based upon customer and or address, reviewing past costs etc. Then select an HVAC software package that is capable of querying your database to answer the questions you need answered.
  6. Finally choose your HVAC software based on the ability to report and chart the information you need. Business management efficiencies and failures can be ascertained more easily through the reviewing the data in an easy to read report of relevant information. Make sure your HVAC software can report what you need to know. Do you need to keep track of man hours, inventory, travel times, costs, Service Agreement details… Make sure that the HVAC software can support your needs.

One solution to consider

We at Longwell Technologies of course think you should inquire into our HVAC Software solution. Please contact us today to ask about how our HVAC Software could help you.


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