MC 70 OEM Update

Do you have a Symbol or Motorola MC70 that has an old OEM (like 3.0.33)? Do you need to update it to a newer one? The instructions and video below should help.

Symbol Operating System Update (Motorola) with Trakker Lite

For the fastest and best help, call Motorola for a step by step walk through. Below are my notes from my update, to give you the flavor of what is to come.

Steps 1-3 you should accomplish prior to calling Motorola.
Steps 4-9 are for Motorola support. Their people have been great.
Steps 10-25 are for getting Trakker and your data files back onto the handheld after the Motorola/Symbol update. I can help if you need any.

After the first handheld, steps 4-6 don’t need to be repeated.

<h2>Prepare for Trakker Lite backup and reinstall after the OEM update</h2>

1. Download Trakker Installer to the desktop – once only for all handhelds. This comes from Keith Longwell.
The name on the icon is

2. Sync the handheld to get up to the minute data on the Server. Note the date and time.

3. Copy KalzoneData to the desktop.
ActiveSync / Explore / My Device / Storage Card
Double click to open. Drag the KalzoneData folder to the desktop.

<h2>Motorola Support</h2>

4. Call Motorola 1-800-653-5350
Have ready one serial number for model verification
Automated phone system: 4 – no special category of customer
1 Mobile computing
Advise Motorola support that your unit has a Storage Card

5. Download the update file from Motorola (these sub-steps are not complete) (no leading www or http)
Mobile Computing
Software downloads
March 2008
MC709WM50 Phone
Download to the desktop

6. Extract All from the zipped file
Right click on the icon – select Extract all

7. Using ActiveSync open
Explore / My Device / Storage Card

8. Drag all files from the Motorola download (on the XP desktop) to the Storage Card
Motorola support may have you remove existing files first

9. On the handheld (ActiveSync), double click StartUpdLdr.exe
Explore / My Device / Storage Card
This installs the update and takes about 10 minutes

10. Start the handheld – align screen

11. Connect the handheld with ActiveSync

12. Deploy Trakker Installer onto the handheld
Double click on the folder ZHTrakkerDesktopInstaller.exe
A window will open
Accept the license agreement
Click on Deploy

13. Correct the time and date. Verify the time zone.

14. (Optional) Set the handheld menus
Start / Settings / Menus

15. Start hTrakker.  Run the Check for Updates

16. After HTrakker finishes the update, logon as you normally would (the data should still be good on the handheld from before the OEM Update)

17. Check files, customer, inventory, start an invoice

18. Verify the Last Sync times, change if necessary (see step 2)


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