Symbol MC70 Quick Tips

Here are a couple of things that may be helpful to Symbol MC70, or now the Motorola MC70 handheld Windows Mobile devices.


Cold booting MC 70
Clean Booting MC 70
Replacing Windows Mobile App with Android or IOS


Cold Booting the MC70


Next, have you ever needed to cold boot your Symbol MC70?  Well I have and they sure do make it tricky so that you can not accidentally do it.  To perform a cold boot simulaneously press 1, 9 and the power key.  After a cold boot the clock will reset to a default date.  You will want to correct the date/time and time zone after it reboots.


Clean Booting (Wiping out) the MC70


Or perhaps you have a more sever issue with your MC70 and you need to completely wipe it out and start with a clean boot.  These are the steps given to up from Symbol’s Tech support some time back (when they were Symbol and not part of Motorola):


1. Go to
2. In search bar type: Clean boot and click: Go 3. From search results, select: Clean boot files v1.1 for MC70xxWM50
4. Next page, Scroll to bottom of page to “Downloads” and select MC70 Cleaners
5. Browse to save to Desktop
6. Right click on file to extract all (to desktop) 7. Connect Symbol Handheld to ActiveSync and select Explore
8. On Handheld, Open Storage Card
9. Open extracted Cleanboot file and drag (or right click and copy) each folder from the Clean Boot folder (5 folders) NOTE: The file “Instruction” does not need to be copied to the storage card. Click on

“Instruction” to open and print instructions to perform a Update Loader Boot on the Symbol.

Note: In the event Program Files can not be accessed from the Symbol, an alternate method to load the Update Loader is to simultaneously hold (on Symbol) 1-9-Power. As soon as the handheld begins to load, hold the yellow trigger button (upper right side of Symbol) for a few moments. Within a few minutes the update loader (reset to factory defaults) should begin.

Need App Development or Migration to Android or iOS?

At Longwell Technologies we have been making mobile apps since before App was a word.

We have built many custom Apps for Windows Mobile devices as well as Android and iOS.  Need help updating your app or getting a new one created for any of these platforms, Longwell Technologies can help.  We can build or maintain an existing Windows Mobile App or help migrate it to Android and/or iOS. Contact us today to get the conversation started.

If you have any useful tips for working with a Symbol MC70 or Motorola MC70 please share them in the comments below.


  1. i have a mc70 handheld mobile computer and have big problem. when it starts,i need a acsses code for running.could you help me?


    1. H did you ever get this resolved?

      I too have an MV7094 bought off eBay and there is software asking for code that starts on boot up. cant get to the folders to copy the cleaner files. Holding the scanner button (top right) doesnt bring up the update loader the splash screen just flashes at me saying warm boot in the top left..

      all help appriciated.


  2. This is not working for me either? It seems to either boot into windows mobile and ask for a password (which i no longer remember) or it gets stuck in a warm boot loop?

    Really need help with this if possible. I would like to wipe the scanner clean.


  3. PDT memory was full and couldn’t find any files to delete.
    Performed the clean boot and worked ok. Now more than enough memory available.
    Thanks for the help.


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