Free QR Code Scanner for Android


Longwell Technologies is proud to announce that we have created and delivered a QR Code Scanner for  You can find the free Android app at  QRx2 QR Code Scanner.

Free QR Code Scanner for AndroidWith our Free QR Code Scanner you can scan and decode QR Codes to bring you to websites, load contact information etc.  It can even bring you directly to our QR Code Generator so that you can make your own Full Color QR Code with your logo right from your Android phone.

With this easy to use QR Code simply start the app, point the camera at a code and you’re done!

What is a free QR Code Scanner?

QR Code scanners are tools that can decode the information inside a QR Code and then do something with it.  For example, when scanning a QR Code, if the code contains a website URL, it will automatically take you to that website. If it contains contact information it will load it to your phone. If it is just text it will display it..

So feel free to scan a QR Code containing:

  • URL and it will bring you to the website
  • Email Address and it will open your email software and fill in the email address
  • Phone Number and it will open you phone dialer with this number in it
  • vCard/MeCard Contact Information and it will load the contact information into your Android phone
  • SMS Text Message and it will open your SMS Text message software with the message and phone number to text
  • General Text and it will display the message
So if you’ve been looking for a free QR Code scanner to test you new QR Code on our QR Code Generator try ours.
Or if you are looking for a QR Code Scanner to use day to day use the QRx2 QR Code Scanner, our free QR Code Scanner for all your QR Code needs.  It’s easy to use and it’s FREE.


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