Job Trakker Manufacturing Solution for Android

Longwell Technologies is proud to announce the release of Job Trakker Manufacturing solution for Android.  After years of offering a Windows Mobile solution to our customers we are excited to offer the solution on a new platform.

Manufacturing Tracking software for AndroidLike the Windows Mobile version, this ad-on to Job Trakker allows you to use your Android phone or tablet to track the time spent on a job tracking routing, materials, machine and man hours.  The information is then sent to the Job Trakker server for reporting and prepared for shipping to the customer.  Jobs can be scanned in with the camera based barcode scanner for easy data entry.

By using a portable device such an Android tablet, the data can be entered and tracked within the Job Trakker Solution faster and easier by any of your authorized production team members.  This gets the data to the office quicker and offering invaluable reports on the actual time it took to product your products and compare it to the estimated or expected times.  It will also then quickly and easily report materials on hand so that you don’t run out when you critically need them.

Where can I get this Manufacturing Solution?

The Job Trakker Manufacturing solution for Android is now available at the Google Play store.  That’s right, so if you already use our Job Trakker solution you can simply search for Job Trakker Manufacturing from your Android phone or tablet and start using it today, or call us to help you get it setup.  This also means that as new features are released it will be easy to update right through your device just like you can any other App in the Google Play Store.

Tell me more.

To find out more about how Job Trakker can help your Manufacturing needs please contact us today for a free no-obligation demo.

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