Windows Mobile Keyboard onscreen

Window Mobile Keyboard Problems

There are many great things we have found with Windows Mobile 5.x – 6.0 devices over the years, including for many devices the Windows Mobile Keyboard on the device’s screen has been quite sufficient.  However as more devices are coming out with higher resolution screens (which look great) it has made the default Windows Mobile Keyboard harder and harder to read and user.  So we were looking for a new on screen windows mobile keyboard specifically for our Nautiz X3 Handheld users.  This is a great device, but due to the high screen resolution the built in Windows Mobile onscreen keyboard is just so tiny, it is very hard to read, hit, or just plain use.  So we went about looking for an alternate Windows Mobile onscreen keyboard for Windows Mobile 5.x – 6.5.

The Windows Mobile Keyboard Solution

What we found was the Finger Keyboard2.  This is a free app for windows mobile devices.  There are several versions available for download.  We found that the QVGA Giannis86 (without Arrows) worked the best on the Nautiz X3 handhelds.

Though it does take a few minutes to install this tool, and then you will probably want to turn off all of the country configurations for the windows mobile keyboard, after this is done, it is really quite nice to use.  It takes the numbers out as a separate row and eliminates a few other larger buttons from the default onscreen keyboard layout to make each key much larger and easier to see and tap.

Some of the top features we see are:

Keeping it short, let’s go through the main features:

  • Touch screen finger-friendly keyboard
  • supports both portrait and landscape modes
  • Multiple keyboard color options
  • Supports WVGA & WQVGA / QVGA cab and VGA layouts

For a free keyboard app for windows mobile devices, I don’t think you can beat it.

onscreen Windows Mobile Keyboard




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