Windows Mobile Emulator

What is a Windows Mobile Emulator?

A Windows Mobile Emulator allows a desktop user to connect to a mobile device like a windows mobile device (or even an Android or iPhone) so that the user can see what is on the handheld’s screen and navigate it using a mouse and keyboard.


How are they used?

One way that we use these types of software solutions is to remotely connect to a device for field support.  You can learn more about the Windows Mobile Emulators on our Best Windows Mobile Emulator page where I explain more about Log Me In Rescue + Mobile.  This is a GREAT tool for remotely supporting all kinds of devices including windows desktops, MACs, Servers, Window Mobile devices, Androids and iPhones.

However there is another type of windows mobile emulator that can be very useful for using and seeing a handheld directly connected to a desktop.  This can be useful for things as simple as just being able to use a mouse and full size keyboard to type information into the device quickly.  But it can also be used so that someone looking at your desktop over a Webinar or remote desktop can see and even potentially control that handheld.  This is great for training and support issues.

What free software can I use?

A really handy Windows Mobile Emulator that we have been using is called My Mobiler.  It is available not only for Windows Mobile devices but also for Android devices.   You can download the My Mobiler for Windows Mobile Emulator or the My Mobiler for Android.

Windows Mobile EmulatorA you can see from the screenshot to the left, My Mobiler is a desktop window with file, edit, view… type menu items on the top, but you can clearly see it on a desktop and use your computer’s mouse and keyboard to control it.

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