Nautiz X3 reboots

Reseting a Nautiz X3

There are two kinds of resets on the Nautiz X3: a Soft reset and a Hard reset. A soft reset will restart NAUTIZ X3 after closing all running programs.  A hard reset, also restarts the NAUTIZ X3 along with resetting the clock.  The data stored in flash memory or storage will remain intact.

If the Nautiz X3 is not working properly, perform a soft resest first.  If the problem persists perform a hard reset.


How to perform a soft reset on the Nautiz X3:

Press the reset button on the front between the #1 and #2 just above the F2 with a stylus.


How to perform a hard reset on the Nautiz X3:

Press the power button. While holding the power button click and release the reset button. (Power + Reset).

Please note that a hard reset deletes all programs, documents and settings in the memory (RAM).


How to peform a Nautiz X3 Factory Reset:

  • Turn the unit on
  • Press and hold the power button
  • Using the stylus press the reset button; it is just above the F2 label
  • Continue press the power button and press the scan button
  • Continue to hold these buttons until you see Nautiz X3 Windows Mobile message (it is waiting for a password, but it does not display that it is waiting for a password.)
  • The Password is *123#
  • Select 3 factory default
  • When the factory install is complete then reset by holding power button, press reset button, release when the Handheld splash screen appears

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