Easy Field Service App Scheduling

Loading Field Service App data Must Be Easy

Android Field Service App
Field Service App for Android

When evaluating a Field Service App for Field Service Management it is important to consider not only the ease of loading an appointment to a phone or tablet, but it should also reduce travel time and fuel usage. For a good Field Service App should not only involve the app on the phone but the office staff as well.


There are two ways to increase profit.

  1. Increase Sales. I’m sure you are working on that through the various sales and marketing things you have done for years.
  2. Reduce Costs. Reducing costs of course help you keep the money you and your company have worked so hard to earn.

How can a Field Service App Help?

A good field service app can help by doing several things:

  1. Reduce phone Time: Reduce the amount of time it takes to schedule an appointment. Less time on the phone means the person taking the call can get to the next phone call quicker, reducing the chances of the caller calling your competition or it frees them up quicker to do other office tasks they need to do.
  2. Reduce Travel Time: A good Field Service App solution should allow the person taking the call to make intelligent decisions about scheduling based upon what the computer already knows about the customer and the Techs. The program should be able to see the existing calendar of appointment for each, and know where those appointment locations are in relation to the customer on the phone and make recommendations based upon the travel distance. It should also be able to show who has the skills and knowledge to fulfill the call. All of which reduces the travel time between appointments and the amount of fuel needed.
  3. Increase Profits: Both of the above savings saves your company time and money. It also increases employee productivity which should free up time for them to go to more appointments and increase profit.

Watch this video to see how easily an appointment can be scheduled to a Field Service App with an efficient Scheduling Wizard.

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