Windows updates may cause Crystal Reports to not print

There have been a number of cases reported over the past few weeks of Windows Desktops and Windows Servers getting an update and the Trakker Reports not working.


We have an update to the Trakker Desktops that will resolve this issue.

However on the server side it seems that, at least on Server 2012 if the update is loaded the AutoEmailer will not be able to create the Invoices as PDFs and send them.

In addition Server 2012 does not seem to support the Crystal Reports 2013 packaged with MS Visual Studio’s in order to create crystal reports using .net 4.5


So if you did get the update on your desktop and have problems, contact us and we can help get Trakker updated.

If you put it on your server and the Autoemailer is not working, please contact us so we can help you remove the Microsoft Windows Server patches that are causing the issue.


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