Longwell Technologies Blog App

Keep up to date with Longwell Technologies updates with our new Longwell Tech Blog App now on Google Play  just look for Longwell Technologies Blog.  (so to be released on iTunes as well)

Longwell Tech Blog App on Android or iPhone and iPad
Longwell Tech Blog App on Android or iPhone and iPad

This app will keep the latest news and updates about Longwell Technologies just a finger tap away on your Android device (and soon your iPhone or iPad).

You can even read our posts offline.  That’s right.  Our most recent posts will be available to you even when you are offline.

Like this idea?  Would you like to have your own App version of your blog.  We can help.

More and more people are using their phones and tablets and for the news and information they want at their finger tips they want an App.  If they are interested in what your blog shares with them, more and more readers would prefer to have quick access to your blog posts in an app rather than having to go and find your website again and again.

We can deliver that app for you.  You keep on blogging, the app will keep adding your content directly onto your personalized app for your readers to see.

Limited Time $99

For a limited we can offer a customized app for your WordPress or BlogSpot.com blog posts for Android and iPhone/iPad for only $99 each.  That’s right your own app.  With your own logo and easy access for your readers to download it from Google Play or iTunes.

iTunes charges $99 per year, just to have an account that you can put an App in.  We already have this and manage it.  You just pay a 1 time $99 and we’ll create your app and upload it to iTunes for you, no extra hoops to jump through or fees to pay.

If you think it’s time you started offering your readers an easier way to access your posts sign up with us before March 31, 2016 and you’ll get the special pricing of just $99 for an iPhone/iPad App or $99 for an Android App, or go ahead and get them both, but do it soon.

Contact us at sales@LongwellTech.com today.

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