Switching from Yahoo BOSS API’s to Google for Field Service Software

At Longwell Technologies our Field Service Software and Route Sales Trakker Software solutions help our customers optimize their fleets transportation times.  We do this by knowing not only where you trucks are right now, but where they are scheduled to be today, tomorrow, next week.  Using this information we compare where customers with upcoming unscheduled appointments, or where the person on the phone needs something done is in relation to where your trucks are or are going to be.  Now we can compare and give you recommendations on who you should schedule to do go and at what time.

The Bad

One of the many tools we use for this is one of the Yahoo BOSS API.  Unfortunately Yahoo has announced that as of March 31, 2016 they will be discontinuing the Yahoo BOSS API’s.  This has been a paid service that we have been happy to pay for our customer’s use for years and our customer’s have enjoyed great benefits from it.  However Yahoo is now moving to YPA (Yahoo Partner Ads) which though will be free does not support the mapping type tools we utilize.

google API's for Field Service SoftwareThe Good

Therefore we are happy to announce that Google still recognizes the need for the types of tools our Field Service Software (Field Service Trakker) and Route Sales Software (Route Sales Trakker) take advantage of to help improve our customer’s fleet efficiency.  So we are moving our tools over to Google over the next few weeks so that by the deadline of March 31, 2016 our customers will not loss any functionality.

What should you do?

We are prepping the field service software, you will need to get the update.  If you do not already keep up with our updates now is the time to be doing so.  If you have questions or need help with keeping up with our updates, please contact us.

If you have a field service company (HVAC, Plumbing, Appliance Repair, Computer Support…) and do not have Field Service Software with scheduling that helps reduce your travel times, knows where your fleet is, and is going to be, does invoices, tracks inventory, as well as a full Customer Relationship Management tool, maybe you should also contact us today.





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