Blog App for Cigar Smokers by IRV CigarBroker

What does a Cigar Broker Do?

Ever wonder what a Cigar Broker does? How does he spend his days?

There are few who really know what a cigar broker does each day as we introduce new cigars to shops throughout our respective territories.  This blog is written by a cigar broker as he travels throughout the Midwest, for cigar enthusiasts.

He contacted us and we turned his blog, IRV CigarBroker into one of our Blog Apps. Actually, it’s his blog app. That is to say, it has his logo, his color scheme, his blog name, app name, and of course his daily blog content automatically loaded into his blog app.

He now has the regular blog, as well as a Apple App, and an Android App.  Search for IRV CigarBroker on the Apple Store or Google play to download it today.

Why a Blog App?

In addition to his web readers, he has opened an entire new market of readers. These readers are people who like use their smartphone or tablet to read content that way. Blog Apps help these readers find the type of content they are looking for as an App in the Apple Store or Google Play so they can quickly open IRV CigarBroker: The Blog! App and read the content, even when they don’t have good internet connectivity.

Cigar Blog Apps
Screenshot of IRV CigarBroker: The Blog! app.

Blog Apps are the next step in increasing loyal readership.  With a blog app, instead of having to only find your blog via a search engine, then forgetting how they found it before and having to find it again, a blog app will allow them quickly access your blog content from their phone using the icon for your app, just as you would any other app on a smartphone.  But now the reader no longer has to keep searching and remembering how to find your blog while on their mobile device.

Interested in your own Mobile Blog App for your WordPress or blog like IRV the Cigar Broker did?  Click here to find how to get yours started today.

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