Field Service Trakker Update for Android

Field Service Trakker Update

Today we will be releasing Field Service Trakker Update v. 2016.1.10.11 for Android

This update is designed to be easier to navigate due to more consistent form layouts and descriptive menu options.  Gone are the single word icons.  These have been replaced by scrollable list menus.  The icons are still their for quick visual reference, but each now has a better description beside it of what that icon will open or do.

Field Service Trakker Update Menu
This new flow starts on right on the Field Service Trakker Update main menu and continues throughout each form of the application.

If working with Appointments/Scheduling or routing it is easier than ever to start travel time, pause, resume travel, arrive and clock in at the site, work on an order and complete the job.

Order Wizard

The order/invoice for field service work can be easily entered in a Wizard format.  Just fill in the Equipment worked on filled in with checklists of what was done, list any parts used, and fill in notes for the office as well as any Invoice notes for the customer.  Fill in Flat Rate Labor or let the built in timers calculate the labor time for you as the work is completed.


Manual Entry

Just need to create an invoice for products delivered (for things like route sales0 or prefer to not use field service wizard?  No problem, use the Manual Invoice option and fill in the details


Either way you can still take photos of equipment, work done on order… accurately calculate totals and taxes, review with the customer, get the customer’s signature and receive payment, or Invoice for later payment.

This Field Service Trakker Update is clearly the easiest software for your field service techs or route service reps to use.  Contact us today to learn more.

Or read more about the app from Google Play or just learn more about the  Complete field Service Trakker Solution



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