Baby Alarm Clock

We are proud to announce that today we have officially released the

Easily Track Feedings, Diaper Changes, Naps...

Baby Alarm Clock:

Taking care of a baby is a wonderful thing but it can also take away some important things, like your memory.

When did I last feed the baby?

It’s 2:15 AM, is he crying because he’s hungry or needs to be changed?  When did I last do either of those?

Does this sound like you?  Then this app is for you.

Just tap the button when you do something and the timer resets.  Just changed a diaper, tap the diaper button and the diaper timer resets.  A little while later you are feeding her, tap the bottle button.

Now when you hear the baby cry you can look and see how long it has been since they ate and realize that is probably not the problem, the diaper is the likely culprit…

I know that sometimes in the craziness of the day the timer can be sometimes easy to forget to hit the timer at the beginning of a feeding or something interrupted just as you were going to reset the timer.

Or, maybe he looks like he is just starting to nap, should you hit the nap reset?  But then he wakes up just a few minutes later, not really a nap.  If only you could wait that few minutes to make sure he’s really napping before you hit the reset button.

Not to worry.

The timers each have the ability to add or subtract time to them so that you can reset it a little late and then just tell it to move that back in increments of 5 and 15 minutes (+ and -).

Follow the link below to become a beta tester today.

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