Why Field Service Management on an Android?

In this week’s edition of Field Service Trakker Feature Review we will be talking about:

Why we picked Android over iPad?

Field Service Management Software Android App

Why not Field Service Trakker for both Android and iPhone/iPad?

Android and iPhone/iPad may both be mobile devices, but each one is coded completely different.  So in order to code any change, if we decided to do both devices, we would have to spend twice as much time coding and testing than if we selected one device or the other.

By selecting just Android we can offer more new features and enhancements faster than if we were developing for both.  This is not to say iPhone/iPad will never happen, but at this time we found it best to select one or the other.

Why Android and not iPad?

Of course we know that Apple makes a great device, but that’s not all there was to consider, and from time to time we get asked why we chose to develop our Field Service Management software for Android and not iPhone/iPad.  There are several reasons for this:



Just a handful of devices to select from

All at a premium price

With devices from Samsung, LG, Motorola, Asus… Field Service Trakker is available on over 8,900 different Android devices that range in price from around $100 – $800

For the budget minded Field Service Trakker is even available on many Amazon Kindle devices that start at $50

Do not offer ultra rugged devices

No built in Bar Code Scanner

No built in RFID

Some of our customers require very ruggedized devices with built in Barcode Scanners, or RFID.

Rugged devices designed for sub-zero temperatures to desert temperatures that can survive a 6+ foot drop onto cement off the top of a moving truck pulling out of a parking space.

Devices such as ones offered by Handheld. Intermec, and Zebra,


The Apple App Store update process: 5 -14 Days

Releasing updates to customers takes between 5 – 14 days.  Even if the update is a critical update or bug patch

Google Play’s update process: 1- 2 hours

Releases to customers in a few hours, usually < 1 hour


Again, this is not to say that Field Service Trakker will never be on the iOS environment, but at this time we felt that the number of choices, features, options… on the Android outweighed the pros of the iPad/iPhone at this time.

Have a different need?  We can do that too.

Our belief at Longwell Technologies is that though we can provide insight to suggest possible processes that may improve productivity, efficiencies as well as your bottom line.  You know your employees, customers, and overall business better than we do.  So we work to provide maximum flexibility and customizations to your specific business needs.  After all the things that make your company different are your competitive advantage.

There are lots of Field Service Management Solutions out there.  Our competitive advantage is that we work with our customers to do what they need.  For some the built in flexibility of Field Service Trakker is enough, for others they have special customized needs.  We can customize form layout, data fields, required data, we can even custom code the Desktop App or Android App.

To find out more and set up a free demo, contact us today

Or learn more about Field Service Trakker.

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