Are You Auto Emailing Invoices to Your Customers?

I run a plumbing company?  Why would I need an auto emailed invoice?

How about clean legible and accurate invoices automatically emailed to the customer.

What obstacles does your business experience when receiving payments from customers?  For many field service and routing companies it’s:

  • Illegible handwritten invoices
  • Inaccurate totals on handwritten invoices
  • Invoices not getting to the accounts payable person in a timely manner.

How can automatic emailed invoices help?

Field Service Trakker helps to solve all of these issues.

First of all since the technician in the field uses an Android device to select products and labor the basic details are all automatically filled in and any notes or additional details are clearly typed and easy to read.

Second since the products and labor are selected or automatically filled in, the proper pricing is always used and likewise totals and discounts are always properly calculated.  Speaking of pricing, all kinds of pricing rules can be set up for things like

  • Volume discounts
  • Customer specific pricing
  • Customer group pricing…

Thus if the customer is supposed to get a special price it is not up to the person in the field to have to remember that, Field Service Trakker will do that for them.

Thirdly, with the Auto Emailer, the invoice will go directly to the person who pays the bills, it does not spend any time hoping around on different people’s desks before the right person gets it.  The right person can get it emailed just moments after the invoice was completed.

Need time for the office to review the invoice before it goes to the customer?  Not a problem, Field Service Trakker can be set to show the office when each invoice was completed so they can be reviewed and altered if necessary, before they are set to automatically be emailed to the customer.

There are many more features related to the auto Emailer capabilities such as company wide messages that can be placed on the invoices as well as customer specific messages.   contact us today to learn more or to get started.

Have a different need?  We can do that too.

Again our belief at Longwell Technologies is that though we can provide insight to suggest possible processes that may improve productivity, efficiencies as well as your bottom line.  You know your employees, customers, and overall business better than we do.  So we work to provide maximum flexibility and customizations to your specific business needs.  After all the things that make your company different are your competitive advantage.

There are lots of Field Service Management Solutions out there.  Our competitive advantage is that we work with our customers to do what they need.  For some the built in flexibility of Field Service Trakker is enough, for others they have special customized needs.  We can customize form layout, data fields, required data, we can even custom code the Desktop App or Android App.

To find out more and set up a free demo, contact us today

Or learn more about Field Service Trakker.

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