Blog Apps for Mobile Readers

As more and more people use mobile devices, blog apps are the best way to keep your readers reading your blog.

What are Blog Apps?

A blog App is a branded app that runs on the users Android or iPhone/iPad.  Blog Apps are available to the reader via a download from iTunes or Google Play.  It then resides as an icon with the Blogger’s logo and when opened goes to directly to the blogging content.


How Blog Apps Help Attract and Keep Readers

Having a Blog App can help a blog in two ways:

  1. The blog app can be found via the mobile marketplace.  This opens up a completely new group of readers.  So now people searching for information about a topic via iTunes or Google Play will find the app about the type of information being blogged about.
  2. Existing readers will be able to download the Blog App and read the latest posts on their native app.  No need for them to keep searching for the blog, or searching through bookmarks.  The blog app has the blog logo and name and is quickly found on their list of apps and opens directly to the latest blog content.

When someone installs a blog app, this tends to make them a loyal reader of this blog.  These people will then tend to read the installed app blog posts on a regular basis.


How are Blog Apps different from a Mobile Website?

Just like a mobile website, the Blog App uses your branding (title, logo and color scheme), and they both contain the same content and can both be read by a smartphone or tablet.  So how do they differ?

  1. A Blog App is a native app that loads and response faster than data in a mobile browser.
  2. The content in a Blog App can be read even when the device is not connected to the internet.  Mobile Websites require internet access.
  3. The App can be found not only via a search engine like google or yahoo, but also through iTunes and Android’s Google Play
  4. Finding the Blog App already installed with an icon on a device is easier than searching for a blog website on a browser

All of these make reading your blog easier on a mobile device than simply having a mobile website.


How does content load to the blog app?

The same way it is already loaded onto a blog.  The content is written on something such as WordPress or and the content is automatically loaded into the blog app.  That’s it, nothing special has to be done by with blogger.


How to get your own Blog App

Click here for pricing and details .

Sign up today before your readers migrate to competing blogs that are mobile blog apps!




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