Customized Field Service Management Software for Android

We continue to move forward with our Field Service Management Software for Android and have been building out customized capabilities.

Our customers come to us not just because our Field Management Software is robust and easy to use, but also because they want the ability to have it customized to their needs.  Our turnkey software can get many companies started, but what makes Longwell Technologies software different is we have been customizing the code for specific customers, while maintaining the shared base for over 20 years.

That’s right our customers don’t have to conform to our software, we work with them to implement their specific and unique needs.

This goes for the backend server data processing and integrating to all kinds of back end systems.  To customizations needed on the users desktops, and even in the field, and this continues on to our Android solutions as well.

Most of our customers find that our software does 80 – 90% of what they need.  They also look at our competitors and see that they also offer most of what they need.  What makes Longwell Technologies software solutions unique is that we will custom code that 10 – 20% that our customers want to give them exactly what they want.

We will even go so far as supporting a Google Play app for a specific customer.

So if your finding almost what you need, but not quite, check out our Field Service Management software solution and then contact us for a free demo and share with us what your unique business needs are.

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