4 Easy Steps to Beat Your Competition

Today businesses have more choices than ever on who they can purchase from.  You really need to stand out.

If you are in the business of selling products to other businesses and you are looking for ways to get your customers to order from you over and over again these steps will help you beat your competition and keep your customers happy and make you their #1 choice.

1. Provide Quality Products

Have quality products.  This one should be obvious to any business.  If your customer does not consider your products to be of a good or high quality they may order from time to time, but they will not rush to make you their primary vendor.  Including details about the quality of your products in their descriptions can also help establish initial purchases that once the customer receives them they will recognize how to identify that this is a high quality product and re-inforce that you only offer quality products.

2. Have Competitive Pricing

You don’t have to be the cheapest.  In fact you probably don’t want to be the cheapest.  Often times the cheapest relate to low quality products, and as described in step 1, you want to offer only quality products.

But at the same time you typically don’t want to be the highest priced product, unless you are offering very luxurious items in which the customer is expecting to pay the highest price.  But in general being in the middle or near the higher end is a great place to be.  This way the customer feels that they are paying a reasonable price.  They are not being suckered into paying too much and they don’t feel like the product will be of an inferior quality.

3. Offer Great Customer Experience

Today businesses have more choices than ever on who they can purchase from, and many companies probably offer a similar quality product at a similar competitive pricing to yours.  So what makes you different?  Why will a customer want to return to you?  A great customer experience.

  • Offer a phone number that will be picked up by an actual person
  • Offer email and online support
  • During any interaction work to exceed the customer’s expectations
  • Offer something that makes ordering from you easier than anyone else

4. Be the Easiest to Order From

This is where you can really separate your company from the competition.  Let your customers order directly from you via their smart phone or tablet.  Let them create orders with their PO Number and simply type in, or better yet, scan their order into their phone.  Let them look up products by partial description to learn more and then order new items.

It you offer things like consumable products or are a vendor and you offer items that the customer regularly needs to re-order offering an app on their iPhone/iPad or Android device makes it VERY EASY for the customer to order replacements as they walk the floor and see exactly what they are in need of.  They scan, do a search on, or just type in the product code in and the item is placed on their order.  They can then review and edit the order before submitting it to you.

This makes it SUPER EASY to order from you.

Need help with this?  We can do that.  Our Order Trakker app runs on iPhone, iPad, and Android and lets your customer easily create an order and submit it to you.  You not only get an email to notify you of the order, it will also create a file to your specifications that can load into almost any existing system you may already have in place to take orders.

Contact us today to find out more.

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