If You Don’t Plan This During Social Distancing, You’re Future Self Will Hate You

In This TogetherWe are in this together.


What if we could use this time of Social Distancing to improve our businesses. This is what I want to focus on.

Longwell Technologies is making use of this time by putting together an entire Training Program for the new Route Sales Trakker. What makes this different than anything else out there is you. Your input is what will make this solution the one you want. The one that meets your needs.

Most software solutions offer what they offer… You don’t really get any input into really improving it. In fact I have been told since I started this 25 years ago that you can not do what we have been doing for 25 years. Offer a software solution that have a common source yet are customizable to an individual businesses needs.

We all know that there is software out there that is close to what we need, but it’s almost always missing a few things that would make it just what we need. At Longwell Technologies we have been doing a form of Crowd Sourcing Software that allows our customers to get specific features they need and want while still taking advantage of the application that so many share.

How do we do this. First of, we only take on a limited number of new customers at a time. This way we can really focus on getting those customers the specific features they really want and need. The big companies can not get customer specific because they are too big. That is why they said it can not be done. Every year we add new customers, but we make sure we do not bring in more than we can offer our full attention to their needs.

You’ve seen Route Sales software before. What has held you back from getting it? Are there specific needs you have they don’t offer. That’s where we shine. We are nearing availability to bring in a limited number of new customers. Should you think about your business being one of them.

Take this time of Social Distancing to really consider what a Route Sales package could do for you, and what you really want it to do.

Got a question feel free to contact us as Sales@LongwellTech.com

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