See How Easily You Can Avoid Corona Virus at the Checkout Counter

Don’t want to touch a touch screen at the checkout aisle in the store?  Or you  do you carry a tablet and need to capture customer signatures?  Do you get packages delivered that require a signature?
During the Corona Virus (COVID19) pandemic you want to be careful what you touch, but with so many touch screen devices, how can you avoid touching a tablet or other touch screen device?  Learn how in this simple How To Avoid Touching a Touch Screen and Still Sign the at Checkout. A Simple Disposable Stylus for Signature Capture.

A client today contacted me and asked about customer signatures.  They do route sales and an important part of it is getting the customer signature at the end.  So on their tablets the customer, in normal times would just take the tablet,  sign it with their finger.  Same things which you do at the grocery stores and Walmart and every place where a lot of
those places you put in your credit card or something you do a touchpad signature.
She told me that challenge they are having right now is that a number of their customers, because of the Coronavirus, even though they’re wiping down, they’ve got the clothes and the alcohol rub and cleaning the whole device down before they hand to the person to then signed.  Or hold it up so that the person who only has to touch that area of the screen even.  So they’re holding it like this.  The person only has to touch this area of the screen.  They’ve just wiped it all down with alcohol and everything and the customers
are still reluctant to do it.  I can definitely understand that.
Even more so if you go to the grocery store you go to Walmart or any place we are supposed to do any of the essential stores and you need to do a signature on the signature pad.  Well you know you didn’t touch anything else in the store except things you picked up.  And you wiped down your cart before you got there.  But a thousand people touch that pad.  When was it cleaned how well was it cleaned?

What about Plastic Wrap?

So came up with a couple of solutions.  Looked at things like plastic wrap.  For the record I’m not going to go through this, but plastic wrap actually you can tear off small piece of plastic wrap put it around your finger and it does kind of let you swipe.  But a plastic wrap is very sticky.  So though it does conduct through the tablet very sticky and kind of hard to do a signature.

What about Aluminum Foil?

A piece of aluminum foil works really well.  You tear off a piece of aluminum foil and you can wrap that around your finger and works very nice.  Problem with this though is if I’m going to the grocery store am I walking around this.  Or if I’m going into a customer and my hands are all over this and though I’ve wiped it how many other people have touched this before I’m peeling off my little piece of aluminum foil.

So came up a little bit more disposable, one time use that most people have or you can very easily get your hands on.  So I’ll just jump to those solutions right now.

Using a Post-it Note can help prevent the spread of COVID19?

The first off would be post-it notes.  Now these do not work perfect but these are pretty good because most offices have these.  So if you’re going into a business you’ve got these.  If you’re at home you may be able to take a pack of these and keep it in your pocket.  What you can do with these is.. I’ve got a couple samples here.  One of these are a little bit thicker.  This one here is a little bit thinner.  A little bit thinner one does work a little bit better a little bit easier.
If I take my finger and then put it inside here though.  The paper does not really do it on itself.  You do have to apply pressure by having your finger press stuff inside here kind of wrap it.  A little like this.  I think you see that.  Then with your screen,  I’ll bring it up close here okay.   So on this Android device I’m going into Evernote.  We’re just going to go into
a handwriting mode.  Now with my finger inside here going to press.   Put a big X.  You can kind of loosely sign your name just like…  We all know how those look.
I’m using my finger I know but it’s my device.  You can’t aim as well to tell it to undo so the aiming isn’t as good.  But you can roughly write your name about as poorly as it writes on the signature pads anyway.
This works on the Android is also works iPad.  So putting my finger in there. I got a little bigger screen space to work with.  That works pretty well.  But this is a thinner one.  Now if I use a little thicker post-it note it will still work.  Fold it kind of point.  My finger in there, notice I’m keeping my fingers away from the edges there so as this device is sitting there in somebody’s hand if it’s a sales person or on the counter at the checkout area.  Now I can sign.  This is a thinner one.  The signature is thinner on this with a thicker paper.
The thinner paper allows little bit thicker writing is a little bit easier to use but a post-it note works really well.

A gum wrapper can protect you from Corona Virus?

Another thing that also works really well…  Now this one’s kind of neat.  If you don’t have one of these and you’re at the checkout line.  Or if you are doing sales it could be a little nice thing to the customer that you carry these with you is gum.  You get gum that has the cellophane wrapper around it.  Excuse me at something but the foil.  Triton’s happens to have that.  So I’ve got the pack of gum I open it.  I offer my customer to take one and try and get them only touch one piece of gum.  If they take that one piece of gum now they’re free to chew it.  (which is always nice and the video to have people chewing gum.  Now this is aluminum foil and it works as a great conduit as well.  So I can take this wrap my finger in here and it works on these devices.  So it can be a nice thing to do for your customer where it’s just a little nicety.  You’re giving them a piece of gum.  Or if you’re at the checkout counter and you did not bring a post-it note. buy a pack of gum that has the foil such as Trident.  I have no affiliation with Trident, there are other gums that have this this
 happens to be the one that we had to try.  Now I’ve got a one use disposable stylus, if you were.  Where the consumer does not have to touch the screen and I can throw this wrapper away or keep it for another use, cause it’s mine.  But it makes it one-time use disposables and inexpensive way to get your signature which you need to do.  Without touching something that may be contaminated with the corona virus.
What other ideas do you have what other ideas do you have?
What other things have you tried that could do the same thing you?
Would love to hear your responses below stay safe stay healthy.

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