Baby Alarm Clock-beta

Just released to Android Beta Testers: Baby Alarm Clock: Taking care of a baby is a wonderful thing but it can also take away some important things, like your memory. When did I last feed the baby? It’s 2:15 AM, is he crying because he’s hungry or needs to be changed?  When did I last… Continue reading Baby Alarm Clock-beta

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Field Service Trakker Update for Android

Field Service Trakker Update Today we will be releasing Field Service Trakker Update v. 2016.1.10.11 for Android This update is designed to be easier to navigate due to more consistent form layouts and descriptive menu options.  Gone are the single word icons.  These have been replaced by scrollable list menus.  The icons are still their… Continue reading Field Service Trakker Update for Android

Nautiz X4 Factory Reset

From time to time you may find it necessary to wipe the Nautiz X4 Handheld back to factory default settings. This can be fairly easily accomplished by following the steps below on the Nautiz X4 Instructions: Press power key for about 8 seconds. (The system will reboot automatically and you will see first booting screen)… Continue reading Nautiz X4 Factory Reset