Date Wheel for Android

The Good Ol’ Date Wheel You remember the old Date Wheel for calculating delivery dates of your products with the needed lead times.  This is just a new spin on a that for your Android device. With the Lead Time Calculator for Android, your new Date Wheel, there will be no need to go digging through… Continue reading Date Wheel for Android

Windows Mobile Emulator

What is a Windows Mobile Emulator? A Windows Mobile Emulator allows a desktop user to connect to a mobile device like a windows mobile device (or even an Android or iPhone) so that the user can see what is on the handheld’s screen and navigate it using a mouse and keyboard.   How are they… Continue reading Windows Mobile Emulator

Trakker Lite Manager on Android

We have released a privately available add-on to our Trakker Lite Manager solution. This app allows the management of those companies to see in real time just what their sales reps sales totals are for the day, week, month… right from their smart phones. To learn more about this contact us today.

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