SMART Routing

What is SMART Routing? SMART Routing compares customers for the next service date and geographically combines them, then it calculates the time needed for each customer including travel time and puts them onto a rep’s daily schedule in an optimal way to reduce windshield time. It takes into account the frequency in which customer should… Continue reading SMART Routing

Are You Auto Emailing Invoices to Your Customers?

I run a plumbing company?  Why would I need an auto emailed invoice? How about clean legible and accurate invoices automatically emailed to the customer. What obstacles does your business experience when receiving payments from customers?  For many field service and routing companies it’s: Illegible handwritten invoices Inaccurate totals on handwritten invoices Invoices not getting… Continue reading Are You Auto Emailing Invoices to Your Customers?

Do Not Sell/Sell Only Items

In this week’s edition of Field Service Trakker Feature Review we will be talking about: Customer’s having Do Not Sell Or Sell Only Items Sometime customers have special needs, especially commercial accounts that are on regular maintenance/service agreements. Ever have a few customers that are adamant about not wanting to purchase a particular item from… Continue reading Do Not Sell/Sell Only Items