Convenience Of Credit Card Processing

Regardless of the size of a company, a wireless credit card processing device can be a very helpful tool. Using a wireless Card Processing terminal has many benefits for a company. This tool will help you speed up the payment process as well as cut down on the processing fees. If you do not know what… Continue reading Convenience Of Credit Card Processing

Alternative ways to connect your Windows Mobile device to the internet

People have asked us about different ways to connect their companies Pocket PC or Window Mobile device to the internet.  The questions have been in regards to convenience and pricing.  So I have put together some different options to consider in setting up your Windows Mobile devices for Enterprise use to the internet for software… Continue reading Alternative ways to connect your Windows Mobile device to the internet

MC 70 OEM Update

Do you have a Symbol or Motorola MC70 that has an old OEM (like 3.0.33)? Do you need to update it to a newer one? The instructions and video below should help. Symbol Operating System Update (Motorola) with Trakker Lite For the fastest and best help, call Motorola for a step by step walk through.… Continue reading MC 70 OEM Update

Best Windows Mobile Emulator

If you are searching for a Windows Mobile Emulator for your desktop or a remote control support tool there are several applications for you to consider.  We have used all three of the applications listed below with our Handheld Trakker software solution to do support and development.  So I thought it would beneficial to share a brief… Continue reading Best Windows Mobile Emulator