Our Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions

At Longwell Technologies, our goal is to deliver to you the software applications you need. From our turnkey solutions to creating a custom solution for you, our focus is on your needs. Even our turnkey solutions are designed to be extremely customizable to meet your business needs.

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Here is an overview of some of our most popular turnkey business solutions.

Small Business Management Software

We work to help you:
  • Reduce Inventory Loss
  • Reduce Inaccurate Invoices
  • Reduce Travel Time
  • Reduce Fuel Consumption
  • Get Paid Faster
  • with options to meet your specific needs and budget
Turnkey Solutions for your business

How we work with YOU:

We recognize that your business is unique.  We work with you to put together the perfect blend of our vast business knowledge and solutions with your specialized needs that give you a competitive advantage to deliver the perfect solution for your needs today while looking to your needs in the future.

Let’s start with our top 2 Turnkey Solutions:

Field Service Trakker

Turnkey Solutions for HVAC
This top of the line Field Service Management Software is designed for companies that have to manage a fleet of trucks.  The built in dispatching software helps schedule and dispatch your trucks and employees efficiently as well as keep track of the inventory on the truck, track what was delivered on a job, and then replenish it from the warehouse.
In addition to Dispatching, scheduling and inventory control, Trakker can also generate accurate invoices based upon the labor and materials used.  That invoice can be immediately and automatically be emailed off to the customer, or be printed and sent via postage by the office. With a wide variety of options of hardware for the field force to work with, from smart cell phones to very rugged PDAs, to low cost netbooks, to heavy duty Panasonic Toughbooks there are options to fit everyone’s durability and budgeting needs.

Manufacturing with Job Trakker

Turnkey Solutions for Manufacturing

Job Trakker is our small business management software for manufacturing designed to aid manufactures in job scheduling, inventory control, customer relations and billing. It helps in job scheduling so that not only material requirements are meet but also time requirements are accounted for. Plus it maintains the details of all past job thus supporting ISO 9000 historical tracking requirements.

Job Trakker supports Bill of Materials, Labor Management, Just In Time delivery, Purchase Orders for both products and outsourced services, Inventory control, plus so much more.

Plus both solutions:

  • Work with  Quickbooks Pro or PeachTree to do their accounting, our small business management software can move the invoices directly into the accounting system, eliminating the time and chances of errors that entering the invoices separately into an accounting system can cause.
  • Built in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Email System
  • Easy to Learn
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Easy to Read Reports
  • Plus Much More…

What’s Next?

Look around our website or contact us to find out how our small business management software and turnkey solutions can help your business save time and money by utilizing our customizable turnkey solutions for
your unique needs.
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