Field Service Management Software with Dispatching

Field Service Management Software

Dispatching Software with Inventory Control and Invoicing, the ultimate Field Service Management Software

This top of the line Field Service Management Software is designed for service call companies that have to manage a fleet of trucks. The built in dispatching software helps schedule and dispatch trucks and employees efficiently as well as keep track of the inventory on the truck, track what was delivered, and replenish it from the warehouse.

Create Accurate Invoices in the Field

In addition to Dispatching, scheduling and inventory control, Trakker also generates accurate invoices based upon labor and materials used. The invoice can be immediately and automatically emailed to the customer, or be printed and sent via postage by the office.

Plus if the office uses Quickbooks Pro or PeachTree to do their accounting, our small business management software can move the invoices directly into the accounting system, saving time and eliminating the chances of errors that double entering invoices into another system can cause.

Use your current Android phone or tablet.  Want something more rugged we offer Ruggedized Android devices from Zebra and Handheld.

With so many options there is one to fit everyone’s durability and budgeting needs.

Comprehensive Software Package for HVAC & Plumbing

This Field Service Management Software helps companies Track Inventory, Schedule Routes for Multiple Trucks, provides real-time data between your office and fleet, all designed to save money and increase revenue.

  • SAVE MONEY- Keep accurate inventory in warehouse & trucks.
  • SCHEDULING TOOLS- The dispatching software offers quick efficient scheduling and routing of appointments and emergency calls. Learn more about the Dispatching tools
  • ACCURATE INVOICES- automatically generated and instantly Emailed.  Saves Time, Money and Reduces Errors.
  • SHARE DATA- immediately between the technician & the office.
  • Company Messaging – Tech’s in the field and easily create and assign follow up questions for the office or other field staff, as well as the office can create messages for someone on the field staff to complete.  All centrally monitored to make sure no TO DO’s get missed.
  • Works with Quickbooks ProPeachTree accounting software.

What your Field Staff Sees

Your Service Tech’s are equipped with Android devices that communicate with your office’s server. Our field service management software enables Service Tech’s to:

  • See Appointments- They see their complete schedule and see emergency changes or rescheduled appointments right away via the dispatching software.
  • Track Inventory- Automatically tracks inventory used.
  • Capture Signature- The customer can electronically sign the invoice.
  • Automatically Invoice- When the signature is captured the invoice is emailed out immediately/automatically. This means you get paid faster.
  • Plus Much More…
Field Service Management Software Android App
Field Service Management Software Android App

What Your Office Staff Sees

Your office staff sees all the field activity for the day including customer visits, sales, and restock requirements. All the field information is available to the office staff with a click of the mouse.

Trakker allows sales and distribution personnel to gather, enter and share data in the field or at the office, wherever it is the most convenient, thus increasing efficiency, improving productivity and making your company more profitable and competitive.

  • Schedule Appointments- When a call comes use the dispatching software to schedule it by desired date range and closest available technician with our field service management software’s Advanced Scheduling Assistance.
  • Recurring Events- Setup Recurring customer visits/events to pop up as alerts on the To Do list to schedule an appointment, send a notice, etc.
  • Reverse Appointment Scheduling- If a recurring customer event is to call and set an appointment with a customer, the Scheduler will help you decide on a recommended order to schedule appointments with the customers.
  • Track Inventory- Automatically tracks inventory on all trucks, the warehouse, and what needs to be restocked on the trucks at the end of the day.
  • Purchase Order- Place orders and receive on them.
  • Customer History- See all of the history of customer service calls, invoices, service agreements, contact info, emails, etc.
  • Truck Location– See where your guys are and where they have been.
  • Many Reports- This top of the line field service management software has many reports and we can design one’s specific to your needs.
  • All Email Communications Associated with the customer- Making it easier for your entire staff to see full email communications with customers and vendors

Plus Much More…

Save money and Go Green

We have even eliminated the need for costly printers, ink, and paper at many sites by allowing invoices to be emailed and/or faxed immediately after the invoice is completed. By using internet from the Android phone or tablet, we can communicate back to our server and have an email or fax sent within 1 minute of finalizing the invoice. Many customers have found this feature alone saves them $1500 TO $2000 per truck per year. Plus of course less waste is good for the environment.
By automating four core application areas – dispatching software to optimize your gas mileage, sales automation/order management, inventory management, and delivery confirmation – companies see significant benefits including:

  • Decrease of clerical, data, and invoicing errors
  • Reduction of communication costs
  • Additional sales through access to additional information
  • Shortened billing cycles
  • Increased worker productivity
  • Inventory, distribution, and shipping savings
  • Prevention of loss of revenue
  • Cost reductions from returns tracking

Popular Features

Below are some of the most popular features our field service management software offers. This is not a complete list, and remember it is fully customizable, which means ANYTHING your company needs it to do, it can be enhanced to do.

  • The Mobile route management dispatching software allows the office to direct the fleet.
  • Signature capture
  • Multiple pricing rules including Customer specific, volume discount, Tiered pricing by product grouping…
  • Email or Fax any invoice or report, eliminating printers
  • Time and Labor Tracking
  • Data Security and Encryption
  • Photos of customer and invoice specific details taken in the field shared with the office and other field service users
  • Visual map of trucks current and past locations
  • Integrated Email System
  • Full Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

For more information on our top of the line Trakker Field Service Management Software, ROI, and a live demo, contact us today at or call (847) 348-1404 and ask for Keith

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