Why Job Trakker? Simplicity.

Job Trakker for Manufacturing Android AppThere are many many things that Job Trakker can offer manufacturing, but for all of the reports and detail it can keep you informed of such as inventory levels, status of jobs out on the floor, the best is that it is so easy to enter the data.  Employees can use Androids for data entry, and can even scan the jobs using the Android camera.  Data can also be edited an seen immediately throughout the office.


There is simply no easier way to track and report on what is happening on your floor.

Don’t just manage your Materials.
Manage your entire shop, Labor and Materials.

Similarities and Difference in Manufacturing

We recognized that though there are many similarities among the needs of many manufacturers, there are indeed differences, we also realized that in order to best support the various manufacturers needs a customizable product would be needed, one which had a strong base product that could be expanded and that even when customized gain the benifits of enhancements to the base program as well

Through the years, much of our support and software development has focused on the needs of manufacturers. As a result of seeing the similarity, and differences of those needs we developed Job Trakker MMS

Our Turnkey Solution

Job Trakker for Manufacturing
Job Trakker is our small business management software for manufacturing designed to aid manufactures in job scheduling, inventory control, customer relations and billing.
It helps in job scheduling so that not only material requirements are meet but also time requirements are accounted for. Plus it maintains the details of all past job thus supporting ISO 9000 historical tracking requirements.
Job Trakker supports Bill of Materials, Labor Management, Just In Time delivery, Purchase Orders for both products and outsourced services, Inventory control, plus so much more.
Of course Job Trakker also works with Quickbooks and Peachtree accounting systems to make data management that much easier.

More than just an MRP or even an ERP

More than just an MRP (Material Requirements Planning) or even an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), it aids in job scheduling so that time requirements are also accounted for as well as maintaining the details of ALL past job thus supporting ISO 9000 historical tracking requirements. Plus, of course the software can be fully customized to your business needs.

“Job Trakker MMS allows us to get our work done faster, and see more details than we could in our old system. It is easy to read and use. If your company is thinking about moving to a fast, reliable windows based system, look no further,
Job Trakker MMS is it!”

Jim Schrader
Precision Enterprises


Handheld Scanners and Android App

Job Trakker for Manufacturing on Android devices and Windows Mobile are expansions of the Job Trakker MMS system. Handheld Trakker opens much like Job Trakker MMS making it easy to learn.

Handheld Trakker can run on Android Phones and Android Tablets as well as Windows CE, Pocket PC, or Smartphone. This enables you to carry it with you, or when used in conjunction with the bar coded reports and using a scanner, you can take it into the shop and scan your job progress reducing the time it takes to enter.

Once the data is entered into the Handheld Trakker via scanning the Bar Code or manually entering the data, Handheld Trakker will automatically update the job tracking data in Job Trakker MMS.

No need for duplicate entry.


The Android app Job Trakker for Manufacturing is available from Google Play under Job Trakker for Manufacturing.

Android Screen Shot


Customize to your needs

Just like all of our turn key solutions we offer the ability to use this as a jump start to the basics many businesses need and then we can fully customize it from there for you.

Out of the box Job Trakker MMS offers most of the needs of a manufacturing company. However, we do recognize that sometimes there is a need to go beyond this to meet a customers unique needs. Therefore Job Trakker MMS can be fully customized to meet your companies additional needs without lossing support for the base Job Trakker MMS program.


Features and Benefits.

  • – Product BOM (materials and labor)
    • – Easily create and maintain BOM to an unlimited depth
    • – Labor Management
  • – Just-In-Time delivery support
    • – Know when to start production to deliver Just-In-Time
    • – Job Scheduling Assistance
    • – Estimates a drop dead date based upon your work week to insure you can make your delivery dates
  • – Purchase Orders for Services
  • – Purchase Orders for Products
  • – Inventory Control
    • – Forecast your inventory needs
    • – Know what you need to order before you run out of stock
  • – Integrated Sales Orders, Job Scheduling, and Tracking
    • – Everyone is always working with the same information.
  • – Real-time job tracking (materials and labor)
    • – Change and track alterations of services, order of operations or times required
    • – Stores the actual time, material and tracking details for every job
    • – Bar coded shop tickets for easy near real-time job tracking data entry via the Handheld Trakker
    • – Outside Service Tracking
    • – Identify inefficiencies and process alterations
  • – Lotting
    • – Track batches/lots of materials from when they come in the door.
    • – Know what they are used in.
    • – Know who they were shipped to.
  • – Communicate better with your customers
    • – Store all of your customer and supplier data in one program
    • – Store unlimited customer/supplier contact information (addresses, phones, faxes, e-mails…)
  • – Sales Orders support multiple releases
  • – Automated job creation
  • – Invoicing
    • – Store Customer based pricing by quantity or a flat rate
    • – Integration with Quickbooks Pro and Peachtree accounting systems, thus reducing errors resulting from duplicate data entry. (Other accounting integration available upon request)
  • – Network enabled to support multiple simultaneous users
  • – Secure access to sensitive data
  • – Expert Installation
  • – User Friendly
  • – On-site training saves you time and money
  • – Import data from pre-existing software or files
  • – Built on open technologies to enable your B2B needs
  • – Ability to fully customize
  • – Plus much more…


  • – Make your own on the fly reports
  • – Job/Shop Tickets (with Bar Coding)
  • – Purchase Orders (Services)
  • – Purchase Orders (Products)
  • – Packing Slips
  • – Packaging Labels
  • – Bill of Lading
  • – Invoices
  • – Job Scheduling and Drop Dead Dates
  • – Sales Order Report
  • – Inventory On Hand Report
  • – Inventory Requirements Report
  • – Bill of Material (BOM)
  • – Cost of Labor Report
  • – Customer Data
  • – Customized Reports
  • – Plus more…
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