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Nautiz X2 with built in Barcode Scanner

Managing orders is a balancing act. If orders aren’t placed in time, customers may be frustrated by out-of-stock items. On the other hand, ordering in abundance to avoid out-of-stocks can lead to a surplus that hasn’t moved in far too long — or worse yet, perishable items going bad in the stockroom.

Continuing to use outdated order processes is a drain on time, resources, and the bottom line. There is a better way.

Order Trakker

Order Trakker is an electronic ordering system that enables your customers to scan items on the shelves or in the stockroom to quickly determine the quantities they need to order.

Order Trakker allows you to get orders from your customer’s order books, shop, floor… to your backend system for processing and delivery to your customers.

The  Order Trakker order entry system will even let users scan and create orders WITHOUT Wi-Fi. We’ve been doing this a long time and have seen many instances where Wi-Fi is not available, but there is still a need to create orders such as inside a walk in cooler or inside a mine. That won’t stop Order Trakker from taking the order.

Yes, it can :

  • email you a notification of every order
  • load into almost any system
  • Keep your customers automatically up to date with your latest products
  • Import data from almost any system, including Excel
  • Take orders where there is no Wi-Fi

Let your sales rep fill in the order on their device, or allow your customers to put the application directly onto their iPhone/iPad or Android device and place orders themselves.

Who uses Order Trakker?

  • Grocery Chains
  • Wholesale Distributors
  • Supply Part Warehouses


This means that your customers and/or sales team can use an iPhone, iPad or any Android device including a ruggid device with build in barcode scanner like the Nautiz X2, X41, or X9.

The iPhone, iPad and Android solutions also support using the built in camera as a barcode reader, or an external bluetooth barcode scanner, as well as manual entry of products.

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