Route Sales Trakker

You manage your business. Trakker can manage your routes.


SMART Routing

You set the approximate number of days to see a customer, Route Trakker will optimize customer visits so that:

  1. Customers are not skipped
  2. Reps have more sales time and less travel time because customers are automatically grouped together by geographic location

Inventory Control

As items are sold off the vehicle the on hand inventory is immediately depleted. At the end of the day/week… a restock report is automatically generated for the warehouse staff to easily fulfill and restock the vehicle.

Accurate and Legible Invoices

Invoices are created on an iPhone/iPad or Android device and automatically emailed to the customer so that they are:

  1. Easy to read
  2. Accurately calculated including discounts, taxes, volume discount quantities…
  3. Include Payments Received

Integrates with QuickBooks

All of this information passed to QuickBooks to let your bookkeeper working like they are used to, making the overall learning curve very small.


I wanted a solution that basically I just push the “Easy Button” and it does the rest of the scheduling. That’s what this does.

Chuck M.

It really is very easy to get the reps started and using the app. Thanks

Brian L.

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