Date Wheel for Android

The Good Ol’ Date Wheel

Date Wheel for Android
Date Wheel, Lead Time Calculator for Android

You remember the old Date Wheel for calculating delivery dates of your products with the needed lead times.  This is just a new spin on a that for your Android device. With the Lead Time Calculator for Android, your new Date Wheel, there will be no need to go digging through your things to find that old battered piece of cardboard.  Now you can just click the app from your smartphone and quickly calculate out delivery dates whether in the office or in the field sitting next to your customer. Let your customers see that you are keeping up with technology and not just sitting in the past with the old beat up paper wheel.

Welcome to the 21st Century of Manufacturing.

You’ve been using your trusted Date Wheel for as long as you can remember, and your customers see that as well.  If you have been using that old tool to help your sales, your customers may wonder if the rest of your shop is still running like it did in the 1980’s.  Don’t you think it’s time for an upgrade? With the Lead Time Calculator on your Android you can simply tap the screen to select start dates and tap to add the number of weeks lead time needed.  Then Hit Clear and do it again.

It can also do reverse calculations so if the customer wants a specific delivery date you can enter that date and the number of weeks will count backward from that date for you. The Lead Time Calculator is just one of the many ways Longwell Technologies can help you manufacturing company compete in the new market place.

Learn more here about our other Manufacture solutions at  Job Trakker Solutions.

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