Field Service Pictures of Equipment in the Field

Wouldn’t it be great to see what your tech is seeing in the field to help get the right part, or see before and after pictures on a job site, or make sure the Part number and Serial number for a piece of equipment is right.  It may be clique to say a picture is worth a thousand words, but how much could just a simple picture help you and your business function? Well now Field Service Trakker can help.

Field Service Pictures

Today we are excited to announce the release of the new Field Service Pictures of Equipment in Field Service Trakker. Need a picture of the equipment your technician just installed looks like in place for your office records?  Simply snap a photo on the Android device right through the Field Service Trakker App and it gets sent off to your server to share with the office and any other of your field service team members who service that customer. How about that hard to find customer location?  Take a photo of the landmark(s) needed to find them and poof, they are now available. Take photos of:

  • the Customer
  • Customer Addresses
  • Customer Equipment
    • Quickly take pictures of Model and Serial Number
  • Even take photos related to specific invoices
    • Take photos before and after a job is done
    • Need a quick picture taken to share with the office to look up replacements parts… You got it.

Sharing Photos (or not)

Want to have Field Service Pictures taken by the tech for use in the office and future office reference, but don’t need it to be seen in the field.  That’s fine too.  Photos can be set to be accessible to the techs or for office use only.

Just the beginning

So what’s next after we’ve added Field Service Pictures?  We are working to enable, photos, documents, and web links to all be generated from the office for both, of course, office use as well as accessible to the Tech on the Field Service Trakker Android App. So keep an eye open for these features to come, or contact us today to get started with Field Service Trakker and start using Field Service Pictures in your business today.

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