Do Not Sell/Sell Only Items

In this week’s edition of Field Service Trakker Feature Review we will be talking about:

Customer’s having Do Not Sell Or Sell Only Items

Sometime customers have special needs, especially commercial accounts that are on regular maintenance/service agreements.

Ever have a few customers that are adamant about not wanting to purchase a particular item from you?

Say for example they purchase their own replacement filters and have explicitly told you that they do not want you to replace them.  Ever have the situation where the tech is out there and doesn’t know, or just forgot that this customer did not want to purchase filters from him, but the filter is dirty so he just replaces it?  How does the customer usually respond to this?  We have heard some horror stories.

Field Service Trakker to the rescue

There are several features built into Field Service Trakker to help prevent items from being sold to a customer that the customer does not want.

  1. Every piece of equipment that is worked on has a notes field for filling in any important information about that equipment, including “Do Not Replace The Filter” or other note.  This note appears front and center of the screen when the Tech selects the equipment to say he is working on it.
  2. Every customer can have a Do Not Sell list created for them which prevents the defined items from even being allowed to be entered onto the invoice
  3. Every customer can have a Sell Only list so that only items in this list are allowed to be added to the customer’s invoice
  4. Both lists can also be reviewed from the Android on the Customer screen
  5. Both lists can also be reviewed from the invoice screen

What if there is an exception?

Easy enough, the technician can contact the office and the office can temporarily remove the restriction.  The Tech’s Android will Sync and be able to sell the item this time.

What if there are multiple customers that have the same list?

The Sell Only or Do Not Sell List can be set up on any one of those customers.  Then there is a wizard to select and migrate any and all changes from that customer to any other customers needed.  This can be done to set up a new list, maintain an existing list, copy an existing list to a different customer, or even change a customer from one ‘groups’ list to another, or many other various combinations.

Stop the customer complaint call do to this simple oversight using Field Service Trakker.  Field Service Trakker not only makes your invoices legible to the customer and the office, it prevents mistakes like this as well as pricing or simple calculation errors.

Have a different need?  We can do that too.

Again our belief at Longwell Technologies is that though we can provide insight to suggest possible processes that may improve productivity, efficiencies as well as your bottom line.  You know your employees, customers, and overall business better than we do.  So we work to provide maximum flexibility and customizations to your specific business needs.  After all the things that make your company different are your competitive advantage.

There are lots of Field Service Management Solutions out there.  Our competitive advantage is that we work with our customers to do what they need.  For some the built in flexibility of Field Service Trakker is enough, for others they have special customized needs.  We can customize form layout, data fields, required data, we can even custom code the Desktop App or Android App.

To find out more and set up a free demo, contact us today

Or learn more about Field Service Trakker.

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